Nomad and travel books

by Paivi & Santeri Kannisto

When Paivi and Santeri met in 2004, they took a bold life decision to walk outside the box, wander the world, and write about their experiences. Together they have written more than twelve books, both fiction and nonfiction.

The book actually surprised me since, I don't know why, I had thought it was going to be like a travel guide but I defnitely found a very deep analysis of that "nomad" way of living. Based on a lot of history, a lot of recent cases and serious comparisons. It was really very good. It is also very plural and objective. Even when the authors talk about problems it doesn't seem they are/were upset about them, but just limit their comments to the real facts without allowing feelings, what makes the reading very impartial.

Gustavo Raffo, Argentina

This penetrating analysis of the challenges posed by global nomadism for individuals and societies pushes forward the frontiers of mobilities research. A compelling combination of theoretical and personal insights unravels the complexities of lives lived through new forms of mobilities.

Allan Williams, University of Surrey, UK

A groundbreaking analysis of today's 'location-independent' travel in sedentary societies… With its many contributions to our present understandings, the work is destined to become a standard reference in its field.

Prof P. Hottola, University of Oulu, Finland

I bought this to help me write an International Relations paper. It did that well. It covers global nomadism from the perspective of travellers. It really promotes travelling as a lifestyle and is therefore biased towards this aspect. Having said that, it does cover some negative aspects of travelling, but at the end of the day, the book is here to say that global nomadism is the way forward.

S. Linter, UK

This is a highly intriguing and thought-provoking book about location-independent people who are always travelling. The book provides original insight and nuance into un-researched ways of life, which challenge conventional understandings of home, travel, work, and leisure. It makes us think about homelessness, obligations, consumption, and many other aspects of social life in new ways.

Jorgen Ole Baerenholdt, Roskilde University, Denmark

Paivi Kannisto has written a cutting-edge book on modern mobilities. She sheds new light on the nature of the mobile risk society and what dwelling in mobility seriously means. This is a highly innovative book. It is well crafted, thought-provoking and a pleasure for all those interested in mobility, modernity and social change.

Sven Kesselring, Nürtingen-Geislingen University, Germany

A valuable contribution to the mobilities literature and a rich source of empirical data.

Prof G. W. Richards, Tilburg University, the Netherlands

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Established nonfiction writers in Finland, Paivi and Santeri are expanding into the English language market. Their areas of interest include global nomads, travel, alternative lifestyles and business. Zeitgeist Media Group (based in Brussels and Sydney) is selling the international rights for their books.

Free as a Global Nomad

An Old Tradition with a Modern Twist

Global nomads challenge some of the values we traditionally cherish in the West such as the security afforded by a predefined life and continuous economic growth. They are recreating an ancient tradition with a modern twist. Like the Great Masters, they too have found that a simple life is a better life. Their modern ideas draw from the everyday life and dreams of past explorers, philosophers, and vagrants. Some notable pioneers discussed in the book include Alexander the Great, Jean-Jacques Rousseau, and George Orwell.

  • 174 pages, available as paperback and ebook
  • Published by Drifting Sands Press in
  • Turkish translation: Evsiz by Beyaz Baykus in 2017

Are you ready for a ride which redefines such familiar notions as home, nationality, freedom, and travel?

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Global Nomads and Extreme Mobilities

Presenting a ground-breaking study of the emerging phenomenon of location-independence, this book examines the practices of 'global nomads', who live on the road, without fixed abode, place of employment or localised circle of friends questioning many of the unwritten norms and ideals that characterise settled life in societies.

  • Hardcover, 192 pages, £95.00
  • ISBN 978-1-4724-5499-7
  • Published by Ashgate/Routledge (UK),
  • Keywords: global nomads; travel; mobilities; location-independence; discourse analysis; Foucault; power; citizenship

A re-assessment of much contemporary research in the fields of mobility, migration and tourism studies, Global Nomads and Extreme Mobilities will appeal to scholars across the social sciences.

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Global Nomads

Challenges of mobility in the sedentary world

The book examines the under-explored phenomenon of location-independence, which blurs the boundaries between travel, migration, and dwelling. The topic is approached through a group of location-independent travellers, the so called 'global nomads' who illustrate the complex subjectivities and power relations associated with sustained mobility.

  • Tilburg University, the Netherlands
  • 279 pages, free eBook
  • ISBN 978-90-5335-830-6
  • Published by Ridderprint in
  • Keywords: global nomads; travel; mobilities; location-independence; discourse analysis; Foucault; power; citizenship

The research is located in the field of tourism, lifestyle migration, and mobilities studies and employs Foucauldian theories on power and subjectivity.

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La Habanera

The Escape From The Rat Race

This is a travel story of three different journeys that are interconnected and happen at the same time: the journey into ourselves, the journey to the other side of the world, and the journey to find the meaning of life. Underway we will define the concept of the rat race and use it to describe our current thoughts regarding the meaning of life.

We hope this book will inspire you to reflect your personal motives and goals in life from a bit more selfish perspective. In the beginning and at the end there are tests for measuring happiness. We have included some photos from Brazil along our way.

  • 5th edition; 70 pages; self-cost, full color paperback and free ebooks
  • Public domain; available in English, Hebrew, Finnish
  • Keywords: the rat race; happiness; meaning of life; choices of life; art of living

Do you dare to be happy?

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Tourism Guide for Brazilians

Have you ever wondered how Brazil does it? The country has become one of the leading tourist paradises making big money. This humouristic tourism guide makes an excellent reading for anyone visiting Brazil or similar highly popular tourist destination. Have a peek behind the scenes!

  • 4th edition; 34 pages; self-cost paperback and free ebooks
  • Public domain in English and Spanish; published book in Finnish
  • Keywords: Brazil; travelling; tourism; guidebook; training; humour; satire

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My Life as a Nomad

In Finnish: Elämäni nomadina

An unabridged version of Free as a Global Nomad in Finnish.

Many people dream of travel and a life free from everyday obligations, but very few realise their dreams. Even those who do, often return home after a year or two of travelling. Things have turned out differently for Paivi Kannisto. Together with her husband, she has led the nomadic lifestyle around the world since 2004.

  • Hardcover, pocket book, audiobook and ebook; 300 pages
  • Translated into English (Free as a Global Nomad) and Turkish (Evsiz)
  • Published by Atena Kustannus (Finland),

This book is the story of people who have chosen travelling as a lifestyle. Paivi interviewed thirty global nomads for the book and studied the history of the lifestyle. The result is not an ode to wandering. It means choosing a lifestyle that often turns out to be tough.

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The Art of Freedom

In Finnish: Vapaana elämisen taito

The book is a nomadic manifesto that discusses freedom from five perspectives: freedom from the nation-state and economy, freedom to decide about our own way of life and our own opinions, and to live and let others live. The narrative takes the reader from the war-torn Balkans to Dalai Lama's home in exile, Dharamsala.

  • Hardcover, ebook; 215 pages
  • Published by Atena Kustannus (Finland),
  • Available in Finnish

Helsingin Sanomat: "Freshly challenges received ideas about the nation-state, citizenship, economy, power, ethics, happiness, and the current time-crunched lifestyle."

If this were the last day of your life, would you live it differently?

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The Super-Rich and The Poor

Backpacking in an Unequal World

In Finnish: Superrikkaat ja rutiköyhät

The book discusses global inequality through people's stories around the world from Australia to Nicaragua. The book is creative, narrative nonfiction that is easy and entertaining to read. It shows that we all engage in the making of the class society through our everyday actions – e.g. how we dress, talk, travel, where we choose to live and work, and who we become friends with – and therefore we can also diminish inequality with our actions.

  • Softcover; 260 pages
  • Published by Atena Kustannus (Finland),
  • Available in Finnish

Inequality raises strong emotions. It tells about a sensitive and painful topic: what do we think about ourselves and other people, and what others think about us.

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Living the Extremes

How I quit the information society, my own business, and GNU/Linux

In Finnish: Platinainen pilvenreuna - Santeri Kanniston erokirja tietoyhteiskunnasta, yrittäjyydestä ja GNU/Linuxista

"I never lived by the golden mean. This books tells openly about the people and businesses I worked with, the GNU/Linux community, and the public sector. My life often felt like the soap opera The Bold and The Beautiful", Santeri Kannisto describes.

The book is critical. It challenges the values of the information society and takes the reader to the backstage. The most important question is whether development is as inevitable as we think. Santeri Kannisto found happiness only by quitting his business, SOT Finnish Software Engineering Ltd., after a career of 13 years. He left the information society and technocracy behind, married for the third time, and started to travel the world.

  • Hardcover; 236 pages
  • Published by AMK-Kustannus (Finland),
  • Santeri Kannisto’s autobiography is available in Finnish

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Happy together

In Finnish: Onnelliset yhdessä - Parisuhdekirja

Happy Together is a book on couple relationships for anyone who wants to build a happy and strong relationship. The book guides the reader to address the big questions influencing relationships – Am I Happy? What do I want from life? What is the meaning of life? – and to analyse the success of their relationship. Various problems, challenges and solutions are discussed with Eric Berne's Transactional Analysis (TA) that is practice-oriented and simple to use in everyday situations. With case examples, the book offers the reader several useful tools for building their dream relationship.

The book is suited for people in different life situations including people who are already in a relationship, considering divorce, divorcees, and those looking for a new relationship. We all have a possibility to live in a happy relationship.

  • Ebook (PDF); 114 pages
  • Free for non-commercial purposes (CC BY-NC-SA 1.0),
  • Available in Finnish

Are you ready to consider your options without resorting to compromises and sacrificing your happiness?

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Customer Service

Science, Magic or Common Sense?

In Finnish: Asiakaspalvelu. Tiedettä, taikuutta vai talonpoikaisjärkeä?

Good customer service can give competitive edge to firms. This practice-oriented book challenges the reader to rethink the best strategies and approaches to customer service. It offers various tools with which challenging service situations can be successfully solved, leaving customers feeling happy. Illuminating case examples are analysed with transactional analysis (TA), without forgetting humour. Communication, interaction and listening are suggested as the most important success factors with which the firm and the customer service representatives can flourish.

  • Softcover; 176 pages
  • Published by AMK-Kustannus (Finland),
  • Available in Finnish

Liiketalous [Business Economics journal] 2/2008: "The authors have managed to write an interesting and thought-provoking book on a relatively much discussed, everyday subject."

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In Finnish: Takaportti

Karri Luoma, a police officer in charge of Internet censorship, is being blackmailed by a mysterious man who seems to know all his secrets and is threatening to expose them. When investigating his case, Luoma gets involved with international child porn ring and cyber criminals who work regardless of laws and borders. The story unfolds when there is a terrorist attack in the city of Tampere and a Russian programmer leaks a backdoor that anyone can exploit. Is anything safe anymore?

  • Hardcover; fiction, IT thriller; 205 pages
  • Published by Kustannus HD (Finland),
  • Available in Finnish

Kaj Sotala: "I was just going to browse the book when I opened it for the first time, but I got hooked up by a sentence somewhere on page six and after that, I had soon read half of the book."

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Gilded Pooper-Scooper

In Finnish: Kullattu kakkalapio

Hilarious and insightful journey around the world. The protagonists struggle with relationships, work and holiday stress in six different parts of the world. In Finland, we meet a man doing an extreme adventure trip by crawling on all fours in the city of Kauniainen; in Russia a hippie who yearns for free love; in Thailand an irresolute revolutionary general; in Argentina a prisoner of a perverted mother-son relationship; in New-Zealand a woman engaging in conspicuous recycling, and in Brazil a bunch of inventive tourism entrepreneurs.

  • Hardcover; free audiobook; fiction; satirical short stories; 216 pages
  • Published by Siniplaneetta (Finland),
  • Available in Finnish

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Vitriolic Verses

"What do you think about our country?" is the question the Finns pose to foreigners, and they expect outsiders to praise the country's thousands of lakes and the honesty of the people. Vitriolic Verses examines how these myths about Finnishness were originally created in the seventeenth to the nineteenth century and why.

The research material consists of the writings of Finnish historians, the fathers of the nationalist ideal, and poets and novelists who contributed to the aesthetic representation of the country and the nation. The texts are analysed with Foucauldian discourse analysis.

  • Tampere University, Finland; 252 pages, free eBook (PhD thesis)
  • Published by Finnish Literature Society (SKS) in
  • Keywords: Finland; Finnishness; Finnish history; nationalism; Foucault; power

The study unearths alternative interpretations for national narrative traditions. The fundamental question is whether there is enough courage to renounce the age-old cherished myths and take the plunge into a more multifarious Finnishness that takes a critical look. at what it has built up.


Book cover: Free as a Global Nomad Book cover: Global Nomads and Extreme Mobilities Book cover: Global Nomads Book cover: La Habanera Book cover: Tourism Guide for Brazilians Book cover: My Life as a Nomad Book cover: The Art of Freedom Book cover: The Super-Rich and The Poor Book cover: Platinum Extreme Book cover: Happy Together Book cover: Customer Service Book cover: Backdoor Book cover: Gilded Pooper Scooper Book cover: Vitriolic verses (in Finnish Suolatut säkeet)

Author Bio

Free as a Global Nomad, Global Nomads and Extreme Mobilities, La Habanera-The Escape From The Rat Race and other free books For reading and downloading.

Paivi and Santeri have created a sensation with their books on the nomadic lifestyle. Their first nomad book, My Life as a Nomad, was published in Finland followed by an abridged English version called Free as a Global Nomad. Both books were written for general audience. The English book has been translated into Turkish and a French translation is on the way. The two books were followed by Paivi’s academic works including Global Nomads and Extreme Mobilities.

The Kannistos’ unique approach combines travel stories with philosophical pondering on big life questions. The couple enjoy abundant publicity and receive personal letters. Readers thank them for life-changing ideas and encouragement. One of these letters ended up in Taidehalli art museum in Helsinki. It was part of an installation called ”101 for all” that explored the formation of opinions. The reader wrote: ”Reading this book strengthened my idea that people can and should rely on their own choices and live in the moment, even if other people didn’t approve it.”

päivi   K A N N I S T O

Paivi Kannisto, PhD., PhD (b. 1970) started her career as a researcher for the prestigious Academy of Finland. She completed her first PhD on comparative literature at the age of 27. After leaving academia, Paivi worked as a journalist and PR manager in various institutions. At the turn of the millennium, she joined telecommunication business being in charge of producing and marketing of new mobile services. She was selected among the corporation’s 5000 employees as one of the 25 most promising young managers, and participated in Masterclass training that included strategy, leadership, customer relationship management, and finances.

Eventually, Paivi became a management consultant. Her work included training managers in strategy and leadership and co-authoring a book on business management.

On her nomadic journey with Santeri, Paivi returned to academia and made her second PhD on location-independent lifestyles (Tilburg University, the Netherlands, 2012–2014).She is currently working as a freelance writer and independent researcher.

santeri   K A N N I S T O

Santeri Kannisto (b. 1970) studied software engineering in Tampere University of Technology when he started a pioneering open source software company called SOT Finnish Software Engineering Ltd. in 1991. The company developed GNU/Linux OS platforms and had offices in Finland, Estonia, Russia, Sweden, and the United States. The company’s clientele included Nokia.

SOT was actively involved in the global development effort of the GNU/Linux operating system and Linux Office suite. As the maker of the leading Finnish Linux distribution – SOT Linux, Best Linux and SOT Office – SOT had strong Linux expertise offering solutions, consultancy, maintenance and support services.

Santeri ran the company until October 2004, when he walked out and started to travel the world and write books with Paivi. Later on the road, Santeri got also interested in IT again and has built websites with online booking systems for hotels and hostels from Japan to Costa Rica as work exchange, basically in exchange for board and lodging.

Nomadic and travel books written by Santeri & Päivi Kannisto: