Web design and websites

for hotels and hostels around the world

We have been working with web since the dawn of the world wide web, when there was less than a million websites in the whole world. Today there are more than a billion sites, 1000 times more than twenty years ago. Despite the huge growth, the underlying concepts and technologies remain the same.

Today people use Internet with mobile devices and phones, which makes speed and responsive design essential — otherwise you will lose search engine ranking and visitors. We know how to make fast and secure homepages for all kinds of devices to ensure your success. Here are some of our works:

A website with video and online booking & payment system; setting up hosting and registering a domain name; SEO; business development; social media marketing; designing DIY tours.

Converting a WordPress blog to a professional website; SEO; video edit; maintaining several WP blogs; fixing programming issues.

3 sites with 2 videos and online booking & payment system; SEO; social media marketing; setting up AirBnB accounts; taking photos; producing advertising film.

3 sites with one video; integrating a channel manager to the website for online bookings and showing availability; SEO; social media marketing; taking photos.

3 sites with videos; programming online booking and payment systems; SEO; social media marketing; designing logos; making printed maps and brochures; taking photos.

2 sites with videos; programming online booking and payment systems; SEO; taking photos.

Setting up hosting and email accounts; registering domain names; creating 4 web pages with videos; programming online booking and payment systems; SEO; taking photos; making several advertising video films; designing flyers, brochures, visit cards, billboard, logos and other print jobs.

As professionals in web design, programming, digital marketing and business development, we do work exchange to help new and expanding businesses with enthusiastic entrepreneurs. Our areas of expertise include:

  • Responsive web design and content creation
  • Programming online booking and payment systems
  • Setting up hosting, emails and registering domains
  • Search engine optimisation (SEO)
  • Video film production and photography
  • Social media marketing (Wikis, Google MyBusiness, Twitter, Facebook)
  • Business development for tourism and hospitality industry

Tell us about your business and we'll get back to you with detailed suggestions on how to improve your online presence at minimal cost.

Low-cost professional solutions

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We have a unique skill set for creating professional solutions in multilingual and multicultural business environments all over the world. We are a married couple, born in 1970, and originally from Finland. Since 2004, we have travelled continuously in over 80 countries. Before travelling, Santeri worked 15 years as a software engineer and Päivi as a management consultant. Together we write and speak fluently English, Spanish, French, and Finnish. Read more about us.

We are not working for profit. For us, helping businesses is a lifestyle that enables us to combine our two passions: travelling and making new friends. We travel with laptops and a lightweight photography and film production gear.

In exchange for our work we ask for:

  • A private room where to work, sleep and store our gear
  • Vegan food or ingredients and an access to kitchen
  • Internet connection
  • Covering our visa and travel costs (when applicable)

Travel expenses are negotiable. If we travel to a country where we haven't been before, we are willing to pay the visas and tickets. The same applies if we happen to be nearby or we are anyway coming there.

Our only limitation is that we are not willing to participate in any kind of activities that harm sentient beings, for example fishing, hunting, safaris, marketing non-vegan food and restaurants, and promoting zoos. For more information, and for offering or suggesting us a place to work at, please use the contact form above or email us at info@2globalnomads.info. www.2globalnomads.info/web-design-websites/

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2 Global Nomads: Web design for hotels & hostels at minimal cost around the world by Päivi & Santeri Kannisto.